Saturday, August 06, 2005

Coach Doug Collins

Chicago Bulls

Replaced Stan Albeck as confused management made change for the sake of change... Albeck never had a legitimiate chance to succeed, since Michael Jordan missed most of 1985-86 season... Words of warning from Albeck: "I don't know if he (Collins) understands the meddling and interference that comes with this job. they're going to try and manipulate him."... Born July 28, 1951, in Christopher, Ill.... making him the youngest coach in the NBA... Was 76ers' top draftee in 1973, out of Illinois State... Played eight seasons before injuries ended career and scored 7,427 points... Four-time All-star, he scored 14 points for victorious East team in 1978... Had been assistant coach at Arizona State and color commentator on Sixers' games... Reportedly will earn $250,000 per season, so Bulls will pay half-million to two head coaches this season, because one guaranteed year remains on Albeck's contract.

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