Sunday, February 27, 2005

Scott Hastings

6-10 235 Center

Became more of a thug than anything else... Dragged down Celtics' Danny Ainge in playoff game and got kicked several times for his trouble... Was ejected in Game 5 after flagrantly fouling Greg Kite... Obviously knows roughstuff is only way he can stay in NBA, where he earned $180,000 last season... Has been a pro for four season and has yet to average more than 4.5 ppg... Born June 3, 1960, in Independence, Kan.... Knicks chose him 29th overall in 1982, out of Arkansas... Went to Hawks along with $600,000 for guard Rory Sparrow in February 1983... He's cheap insurance against injuries to Tree Rollins and Kevin Willis, but his cheap shots have to stop.

Relevant stats:
3.4 ppg, 2 rpg, 40.9 FG%

Mike Mcgee

6-5 190 Guard

Became a Hawk on draft day, when Lakers traded him and rights to first-rounder Billy Thompson and second-rounder Ron Kellogg... Was jerked in and out of the Laker starting lineup throughout five-year stay in LA... At times, you wonder why he's not in the CBA... Shooting is his forte, but he slumped to .463 last season... Born July 29, 1959, in Tyler, Tex., the home of football star Earl Campbell... Grew up in Omaha, Neb.... A virtual scoring machine during his days at Michigan State, where he played one season with Magic Johnson... Lakers made him No. 19 pick overall in 1981 and had big plans for him, but he never got more than brief chances to play... Maybe things will be different in Atlanta.

Relevant stats:
8.3 ppg, 46.3 FG%, 1.17 apg