Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Stuart Gray

Indiana Pacers
7-0 245 Center

Most interesting thing about him is that he was born May 27, 1963, in Panama Canal Zone... Story goes downhill after that... Continued to prove he had no business leaving UCLA after junior year to become Pacers' second-round pick and No. 29th overall in 1984... Averaged fewer than seven minutes per game, although he did increase his scoring norm--from 2.0 ppg as a rookie to 2.3... Will earn $165,000 this season... Why the Pacers though he was worth $647,500 in guaranteed money is anyone's guess... Plodding, indecisive and hardly ever used, he is an example of what makes the NBA great: If you are a seven-footer and white, you will be given great gobs of money... It's not Gray's fault; the Pacers were willing to pay him... Here's hoping he saved his money.

Relevant stats:
2.3 ppg, 50.0 FG%, 1.76 rpg