Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Danny Ainge

Boston Celtics
6-5 190 Guard

Improved again.. Made the right move when he abandoned major-league baseball and the Toronto Blue Jays to sign with Celts in 1981... Negotiated his own new contract, worth about $600,000 per year... Had he made two more free throws, he would have own league percentage championship last season... finished with .904 mark, but had only 123 successes, two less than required minimum... Rarely misses an open outside jumper and gets plenty when opponents double-team big men... Still feisty, still hated by most fans outside Boston, still an integral part of Boston attack... Born March 17, 1959, in Salt lLake City... Drafted 31st by Celtics in 1981, even though he was playing for Blue Jays at that time... Brigham Young product will probably always be thought of as a cheap-shot artist, but it's his peskiness that really gets opponents angry.

Relevant Stats:
10.7 ppg, 90.4 FT%, 50.4 FG%

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